Welcome to the AIDS International Training and Research Program (AITRP)

The UB-UZ AITRP is a postgraduate fellowship training initiative with an emphasis on HIV/AIDS clinical pharmacology between the University at Buffalo (UB) and the University of Zimbabwe (UZ). Program faculty at both institutions contribute mentored training to UZ students and scholars who, in turn, will contribute clinical pharmacology expertise to multidisciplinary teams to achieve the HIV/AIDS research goals for Zimbabwe.

The program is designed for UB-UZ AITRP fellows to benefit from mentored interactions with faculty and health professionals with established clinical/translational and laboratory research environments. The UB-UZ AITRP infrastructure includes formalized collaboration with NIAID-funded international, multidisciplinary research networks in Zimbabwe, coordinated through the UZ Clinical Trials Site, as well as other U.S.-supported and Zimbabwe-based research programs. This approach provides opportunities for UB-UZ AITRP fellows to develop their research career during the program and then continue in a collaborative, mentored environment after the training period. The UB-UZ AITRP includes a focused didactic curriculum for postgraduate fellows and an integrated research project experience that includes on-site training at UB and UZ.

The program focuses on a group of highly trained individuals who will then pursue their research programs within the multidisciplinary environment that is present at UZ with continued mentoring and career development. Strong institutional support for the UB-UZ AITRP is evident through participation of faculty and administrative leaders at UZ in recognition of the need to support the development of future researchers to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Zimbabwe.