The mission of such a consortium has always been to assist faculty and trainees from UNYTE institutions to increase the quality and quantity of translational research in the Upstate New York region.  This is accomplished by assessing and accessing expertise technologies, services, and curricula that might be shared between institutions, to foster collaborative research, reduce resource duplication, and to enhance bidirectional transfer of information between basic and clinical investigators.  A number of UNYTE institutions perform only basic research, requiring collaboration in order to pursue the translation of their discoveries.  Other UNYTE institutions are healthcare providers with clinical research programs, with little access to the pipeline of basic science discoveries.  UNYTE provides partners for both.

UNYTE currently is jointly administered by a Directorate shared by Rochester CTSI and the New York State Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences at the University at Buffalo.  Thomas Pearson, MD, MPH is one of the Directors, along with Gene Morse, PharmD, Associate Director of the NYS Center of Excellence, and Robert Block, MD, MPH, Associate Professor of Community and Preventive Medicine.  Dr. Block is the Managing Director, assisted by Thomas Fogg, MS, MPH from the Rochester CTSI and Farzia Kaufman, from the NYS Center of Excellence.  The Directorate meets by phone monthly and the Executive Committee, consisting of representatives from the 17 member institutions, has a monthly teleconference and quarterly face-to-face meeting hosted by member institutions.