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Required Software

You must have an e-mail account and access to the internet prior to registering.

Operating System

We recommend the following operating systems for accessing this program:

  • Windows XP or Vista
  • Mac OS X 10.4.11 or better

Hardware Requirements

  PC Macintosh
Minimum: 200MHz Pentium
233MHz PowerPC
56k Modem
High (16k-bit) Color
Sound Card
800x600 screen resolution
Firefox 3 or Internet Explorer 8
Recommended: 333MHz Pentium II

333MHz PowerPC

Cable/DSL or other high-speed connection
High (16k-bit) Color
Sound Card
1024x768 screen resolution
Firefox 3 or Internet Explorer 8

Web Browser Requirements

We recommend that users use the latest available version of Firefox or  Microsoft Internet Explorer. Other browsers may be used as long as they support SSL Encryption (secure communications) and JavaScript.

We also require that cookies are enabled in your browser. Cookies are small files on your hard disk that are use for temporary data storage.

 To test whether your older browser meets these requirements:

Click here to test JavaScript
Test SSL Encryption (opens in a new window)
Test Cookies
(opens in a new window)

Multimedia Software Requirements

Reading materials for this program have been provided in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF). In order to access these files, a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader should be installed on the computer used to access the website.

Some files have been compressed to facilitate easier downloading, and can be decompressed with either WinZip (demonstration version) or Stuffit Expander (free download).

In order to view the provided streaming videos, you will need to have RealPlayer installed (free download)

For streaming audio, you will need to have either RealPlayer or WinAmp (or a comparable streaming-MP3 player) installed.